15 June, 2024

Regional Centre

  • Workshop on Developing Study skills and Psychological Skills for better performance on 21st April, 2008.
  • Organised 15 Days Training on House Wiring and Electrical Appliances repairing for rural School dropout in Mawkynrew Block & Mawryngkneng Block East Khasi Hills Meghalaya from 14th May to 30th May, 2008.
  • Organised one day Seminar-Cum Workshop on “Library Literacy” at Kiang Nongbah Govt. College Jowai on 6th June, 2008.
  • Established three IGNOU-CNRI Knowledge Centre(s) at (i) Ri-Bhoi Computer Management Institute, Nongpoh (C180001), (ii) Kya Lyngdoh Welfare Organisation Village Nartiang (C180002) & (iii) Seng Kynthei Mawkneng Lai-Kyntoit Village Mawkneng (C180003).
  • Organized 13 Days Handicraft Training Programme in collaboration with Senglang Sports & Social & Cultural   and Welfare Organisation Upper Lumparing, Shillong East Khasi Hills from 3rd to 15th September, 2008.
  • Organised 10 days Training Programme for village Artisans on Weaving was held at   Mowkaiaw, Jaintia Hills District from 1st - 10th December 2008.
  • Organized 10 days Training Programme for Village Artisans in Weaving at Marngar, Nongpoh, Ri-bhoi Dist. from 12th to 22nd January 2009 in collaboration with MKVIB, Govt. of Meghalaya.
  • Organized one day programme on Career Guidance at St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Mairang, West Khasi Hills on 24th January 2009  in collaboration with Tyngkong Youth Western Organization, Don Bosco Technical School, Laitumkhrah, Shillong
  • Organized 2 days Short Term Skills Training in Food Processing and Candle Making for the women Shillong members at Marbisu, in collaboration with WISE, Social Service Centre Shillong from 29th to 30th January 2009.
  • Organized  15 days Short Term Skills Training on Quality Broom Making for the Jail inmates of the Shillong District from 2nd - 20th March 2009 in collaboration with WISE, Social Service Centre.
  • Organized 15 days Training for Village Artisans in Weaving at Baghmara, South Garo Hills from 21st March to 4th April 2009 in collaboration with by MKVIB, Govt. of Meghalaya.
  • Organized 14 days Vocational Training for Mobile Hardware and Software Repairing from 27th April  to 12th May 2009 in collaboration with San Cellular Concept, Q.E.L. Arcade, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.
  • Organised  one day Popularisation of IGNOU Programmes at IGNOU Study Centre, Sngap Syiem College, Mawkyrwat on 15th May 2009.
  • Organized 2 days Skills Training in Basket Making and Flower Making at Marbisu in collaboration with WISE, Social Service Centre, Shillong on 22nd & 23rd May 2009.
  • Organized Short Term Skills Up Gradation Training in Candle Making to SHG members at Sohrarim Village in collaboration with WISE, Social Service Centre, Shillong on 18th- 20th June 2009.
  • Organised one day Popularisation of IGNOU Programmes at Umdihar Village, Nongpoh in collaboration with Umdihar Indigenous Farmers, Nongpoh, on 27th June 2009.
  • Organized 20 days Vocational Training Programme on Bamboo based Handicraft product for the Village Artisans on 14th July 2009 at Kynrud Village, West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya in collaboration with MKVIB, Govt of Meghalaya.
  • IGNOU Regional Centre Shillong organised the 13th  Coordinators / PIC’s meeting on 29th & 30th  July, 2009.
  • Organized 3 days Training programme on Imparting the culinary skills to Village Artisans at Bhoilymbong, Ri-bhoi Dist. Meghalaya from 21st to 23rd September 2009 in collaboration with MKVIB, Govt. of Meghalaya.
  • Organized One day popularization of IGNOU Tourism programme on Tourism Day at Sohrarim Village on 24 September 2009 in collaboration with WISE, Social Service Centre, Shillong.
  • Inauguration of the newly established IGNOU Study Centre Auxilium Umpohliew Jingstad, Mawtnum, Nongpoh (1871) held on 17 October 2009.
  • Organised a Workshop on “Reaching the un-reached through ODL” on 20th Feb,2010 in collaboration with HORIZONTAL WINGS at Sacred Heart Hr. Sec School, Mawlai Shillong, as part of  IGNOU Silver Jubilee Celebration.
  • Organised workshop on “Teaching Skills for the untrained School Teachers of Meghalaya” on 27th April, 2010 at Don Bosco Youth Centre Shillong.
  • Observed “International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking” in collaboration with Jingim Thymmai Counselling and Daycare Centre, Nongrah, Shillong on 26 June, 2010.
  • Organized an Interface Meeting for Identification of Community College in North-East Zone held at IGNOU R.C. Shillong on 28th August ,2010.
  • Laid the Foundation stone of IGNOU Regional Centre, Shillong by Prof. V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai, Vice Chancellor on 14th September, 2010.
  • Inauguration of IGNOU Study Centre (1872), St. Dominic Savio Hr. Sec. School, Garobadha, Dist. West Garo Hills, Meghalaya on 18th September 2010.
  • Organized a Training programme for Grass Root Level Workers on Food Processing in collaboration with Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development (WMCD) Shillong, at Jyntah village, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya, on the 22nd September, 2010.
  • Organized 2 days National Seminar on “Tourism – Issues and Challenges of North East” in collaboration with Lady Keane College, Shillong on 8th - 9th October 2010.
  • Organized one day Awareness Campaign on Environment and Social Forestry on 26th October, 2010 at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.
  • Organized one day Orientation Programme on Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab. Technology (B.Sc. MLT) on 12th March, 2011 at Nazareth Hospital, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.
  • Inauguration cum Induction Programme at IGNOU Study Centre (1874), Sacred Heart Hr. Sec. School, Dalu, Barengapara, Dist. West Garo Hills, Meghalaya held on 7th May, 2011.
  • Organized 5 days Training Programme on Handicraft and Loofah in collaboration with Cooperative Society, Govt. of Meghalaya, Shillong from 1st -5th August, 2011.
  • Organized 14th Coordinators meeting at IGNOU Regional Centre, Shillong on 9th August, 2011.
  • Organized 3 days National Seminar on “Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education” in collaboration with the Department of Education, North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong from 13th to 15th September, 2011.
  • Organized 2 days state level seminar on “Impact of Education in Socio-Cultural Development of Meghalaya” in collaboration with Raid Laban College, Shillong on17th and 18th November, 2011.
  • Observed “World AIDS Day” in collaboration with Jingim-thymmai Foundation, Laitumkhrah, Shillong on 1st December, 2011.
  • Organized one day Awareness Programme for Women in collaboration with Food & Nutrition Board Ministry for Women and Child Development, Shillong on 24th January, 2012 at IGNOU Study Centre, (1820), Mowkaiaw.
  • Organized 3 days Workshop on “Autism Spectrum Disorder” in collaboration with Dwar Jingkyrmen, Dhankheti, Shillong from 7th - 9th May, 2012.
  • Organized 2 days Orientation Programme for the Local Untrained Academic Counsellors at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Laitumkhrah, Shillong on 5th & 6th November, 2012.
  • Organized 15th Coordinators Meeting on 23rd November, 2012 at IGNOU Regional Centre, Shillong.
  • IGNOU’s 26th Convocation under Regional Centre Shillong was held at Don Bosco Youth Centre Laitumkhrah, Shillong on 12th April 2013.
  • Conducted one day Popularization of IGNOU Programmes at Sohryngkham village, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, on 13th May 2013.
  • Organised one day Popularization of IGNOU Programmes at IGNOU Special Study Centre, Jaintia Eastern College, Khliehriat, Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, on 14th May, 2013