23 September, 2023

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Master of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies (MAWGS)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Bachelors degree in any discipline,with or without a degree in education from a recognised University.



Women’s and Gender Studies is an emerging area of academic inquiry today. Worldwide, several universities are now offering programmes in women’s and Gender studies at all levels.

The M.A in Women’s and Gender Studies at IGNOU is on offer from July 2013in distance mode. This 64 credit degree will equip students with the ability to deconstruct the complex power hierarchies and relationships operating in society, from the perspective of women and gender. The admission cycle is July of every year. An exit option with the PG Diploma is available after successful completion of the first two semesters.

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