15 July, 2024

Regional Centre


Master of Arts (Rural Development) (MARD)

Minimum Duration: 2 Years
Maximum Duration: 5 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


Bachelor’s degree or higher degree from a recognised university

The MSc Programme in the area of Dietetics and Food Service Management has been developed with a view to address the needs of training work force/ developing manpower (dietitians, nutrition counselors, food service managers etc.) for the emerging employment sector - hospital/ community dietetics, food service management.
The Programme will offer unique opportunity of higher education to learners to enrich their working lives by entering into the labour market and/ or starting their own food service unit, leading to entrepreneurship. It also focuses on upgrading the professional competencies of serving personnel in food service establishments, such as dietitians, diet technicians, counselors etc. upgrading their knowledge and equipping them with productive skills to enhance their career progression and employability.
 The special feature of the programme is that it has a provision of exit point for learners (after one year) in the form of PG Diploma in Dietetics and Public Nutrition.

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